Once again it’s been a super-busy week with us here at Alice PR & Events. We’ve been working with lots of interesting clients from the Immigrant Council of Ireland to the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment and D8CEC, amongst others. We feel so lucky to have such diverse and interesting clients. It’s always a joy, never dull and always inspiring.

One of the things that made us stop in our tracks this week was the amazing group of graduates who came to the Guinness Storehouse on Wednesday to receive their certificates. Ranging in ages from 19 to 76, this group of students were from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds.  While some of the older learners, in particular, were born and bred in The Liberties, many others have moved to Ireland from abroad. We were blown away by their commitment and determination and were delighted to witness their great achievement.

On the screen:

While Elaine and Emily are still glued to ‘The Fall’ and anxiously awaiting the last in the current series to air on Sunday, Martina and Ciara are revisiting Parks and Recreation in the run-up to the American presidential election.

parksOn the page:

On the same note, Emily is reading Hillary Clinton’s memoir ‘Living History’, written in 2003 which she’s really enjoying. Emily is suspicious of the fact that when Hilary was a child she had a cat called Isis – conspiracy alert! Emily is going to start wearing pantsuits around the office.

Reading this blog every week was making Elaine increasingly aware of the fact that she hasn’t read a (non kiddie) book in ages so she took the plunge into an easy but super-enjoyable book; ‘Holding’ by Graham Norton. It is set in Duneen and begins with the discovery of human remains at a building site and histories, and memories are re-awakened around the village. But who dunnit? She’s gripped!

On the plate:

We took some time out last week and had a staff pizza night at Skinflint to welcome Moji to the team. Moji is from New Jersey and is interning with us for a few months. It was a great excuse to get out and about and splurge on some extremely tasty pizza, with some good company.

captureOn the radio:

Wednesday saw the last broadcast by alternative radio station TXFM, previously known as Phantom FM and U2 wrote a song to mark the occasion.

The station played U2’s musical tribute for the first time on Wednesday evening as broadcast for the last time.

What did you get up to this week? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you! And happy Halloween everyone!

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