It’s been a mammoth week for us all here at Alice HQ but we’re never too tired to devour books, food and just a smidge of culture! It’s #WhatTickled time!

On the Page:

Lonely Courage: The True Story of the SOE Heroines Who Fought to Free Nazi-Occupied France – bear with the lengthy title, this book is worth every syllable! Holly devoured this historical non-fiction in mere days as Rick Stroud documents the journey of seven exceptional women who went to extraordinary lengths to defeat the Nazis. It relays a gritty reality of the inefficiency and frustrations of war as well as the light-hearted gumption with which these women faced arrests, torture and almost certain death. Prepare to laugh, cry and book parachuting lessons.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Elaine has finished Jane Harper’s ‘The Dry’ (which is utterly compelling!) and has moved on to this unnerving tale by Neil Gaiman. An unnamed man returns to his homeland for a funeral and remembers events that began 40 years previously. Elaine has no idea where this unsettling story will take her next – find out next week if it’s worth the suspense!

Out and About:

Sea, Brighton, travel
Brighton’s Grandstand

Brighton – Holly spent the long weekend visiting friends in Brighton and, despite the snow and Baltic conditions, continued her love affair with the seaside city. Blustery walks along the pier, winding lanes packed with quirky vintage shops, endless cafés and artsy pop ups make it the perfect place to wander, nibble and generally spend every pound you can scramble together!

The Bowery – Niamh watched Ireland’s triumph on Saturday from the comfort of the pub. The atmosphere was so good she simply had no choice but to continue the celebrations long into the weekend – sure it would be rude not to!

Bellx1 – As part of their 20th Anniversary Residency, Bellx1 played in Vicar Street on Thursday night and Emily was delighted to hear them play their entire ‘Music in Mouth’ album to celebrate! She’s seen them countless times but always loves the show they put on – and the fact they just seem sound. Her highlight was hearing ‘Eve is the Apple of my Eye’ – the song most of us remember as the anthem we cried along to during our first bout of teenage angst.

On the Plate:

brunch, food, Brighton
Brighton’s biggest brunch!

Trading Post Coffee Roasters – Out of the many, many, unnecessary meals Holly had on her trip, the brunch offered up by this super trendy café was definitely the best! Lashings of beetroot hummus, avocado, on crusty sourdough (with a side of deep fried halloumi for good measure) was everything she needed before the arduous task of celebrating Paddy’s day!

Avoca – Bank Holiday Mondays can only mean one thing: brunch! Niamh risked the dangers of Avoca to her pocket and waistline for the ‘other level of nice’ goodness of their brunch. Butternut squash and halloumi fritters served with a pea shoot salad, flatbread and a selection of hummus were the dream cure after an exhausting weekend!

Easter, food, hot cross
Hot Tips for Hot Cross Buns

How to: Hot Cross Bun – Elaine has very generously applied herself to the difficult task of finding the best hot cross buns on the market – just in time for Easter! After much sampling and heated debate, here’s her top 5 so you can ‘cross’ trying the best buns off your Easter list (ha ha, pun):


5th place: Staffords

4th place: Dunnes Stores

3rd place: M&S – We know, we’re surprised too! Elaine reckons they’re just a bit doughy now.

2nd: Tesco Finest. (Finest is the operative word here!)

1st: Drum Roll please……ALDI! Perfect chew, loads of fruit and just enough cinnamon – happiness in each butter-slathered bite!

We are too distracted by the thought of pastries to write anymore now. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be in Aldi. Happy Friday from #TeamAlice!






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