8 Milestones to Mark 8 Years of Alice

This week, we’re celebrating Alice’s eighth anniversary.

When we started out, during summer 2015, it was just Martina working from her kitchen table – in the days before working from home was really a thing!

Since then, we’ve grown to a team of almost 20 people; built up a loyal and lovely client base; and worked on groundbreaking campaigns that have brought about transformational changes in Irish life.

Here are eight Alice milestones to mark us turning eight:

  1. Winning our first client: WorkEqual (then Dress for Success Dublin). We’re proud to say they continue to work with Alice to this day. Untitled design (61).png
  2. Hiring our first team-members: Ciara joined Martina on #TeamAlice during autumn 2015, working on a part-time basis. A couple of months later, Niamh became our first full-time employee. And eight years later, they’re both still with us! Ciara 1st Hire.png
  3. Moving into our first proper office. From Martina’s kitchen table to a co-working space on George’s Quay, to a shared space on Eustace Street with one of our clients, we finally moved into a lovely office on Strand Street in the city centre, shared with our friends and partners in Language. We’ve since moved again – to our current home in Rathmines. And, given our growing numbers, we’re predicting yet another move before we turn nine! Strand Street office with Language.png
  4. Expanding into Northern Ireland: in 2017, Louise joined our team and she now heads up Alice NI, ably assisted by Julie. Since 2019, we’ve had a Belfast base – on Arthur Street in the city centre. Belfast Office  (1).png
  5. Seeing Ireland repeal the Eighth Amendment: Alice worked with the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment from 2016 until the successful referendum vote in May 2018. We also provided communications support for Together for Yes, the national civil society campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment from the Constitution. Repeal8.png
  6. Forging international links: in 2019, we were selected to join UEN-Pomilio Blumm, the Ultra European Network of Pomilio Blumm, a leading citizen communications company, headquartered in Italy. The Network has partners in 67 countries around the world and has been ranked one of the world’s top three overall PR networks. Since the early days of Alice, we’ve also collaborated with London-based Make Honey, an award-winning PR, social and content agency helping lifestyle and technology brands do purpose-driven work. International Nimah.png
  7. Expanding our Board of Directors and appointing Dermot as Chair of the Alice Board. bord members .png
  8. Winning industry awards: in 2019, we had our first taste of success at the annual Awards for Excellence in Public Relations, when Niamh was awarded ‘Young Communications Professional of the Year’. We’ve gone on to win a number of PR Excellence awards, including ‘Agency of the Year’ in 2021. Our work has also been recognised in the Event Industry Awards , the Purpose Awards and, most recently, we were named one of the Top 25 workplaces in EMEA in the Inspiring Workplaces Awards.

Here's to many more years of success for Alice, and lots more exciting milestones to reach along the way.