It seems like only the other day we were heralding the ♫ ‘return of the John’♫ , and now it’s already time to say farewell! 🙁 After a wonderful summer of hard work, musical Mondays and multiple cups of tea, our wonderful Account Executive John is leaving to take on a Masters in Marketing from DIT. Thanks for the laughs and the brilliant work John, we’ll miss you terribly! 

Out and About: 

Elaine and family made the most of the last week of summer holidays, and had a great day out in Kia Ora farm just outside of Gorey. It’s an amazing place full of go-karts, tractors, real diggers and animals. It’s all totally contained and safe so kids can run riot and she highly recommends it. She also wound up the summer with an end of summer party at her home complete with bouncy castle and ice-cream van! Much fun was had!

Emily headed home to Tipperary and went along to Dualla Show with her parents on Sunday. Dualla is a village outside Cashel, and she said the show is essentially a cross between the Ploughing Championships and Father Ted. There was a tug of war, arm-wrestling competitions (not dissimilar to the one Niamh and Emily had in recent months but the less said about that the better), and a lucky dip stand. If that wasn’t enough, there was prize livestock, showjumping, and stalls selling country music CDs. She really enjoyed the day, nothing knocks the Dublin notions out of you like a local agricultural show, and even got herself a new hurley! Alas it wasn’t much use in her championship debut for Portobello Camogie club last night, they got a walloping, but it’s only the start!

John went home too to visit his family and his grandparents, who he hadn’t seen in ages (tut tut), and also hit the clubs and had a little dámsha!

On the Plate

John headed along to Farmer Brown’s on Bath Avenue at the weekend. He went for the BBQ chicken wings to start, which he would never usually order, but they were very nice. Those were followed by ‘The Farmer Burger’ and sweet potato fries.  It was nice, but huge!  For dessert then he went for the Peanut Butter Blondie which was delicious. #treatyoself

Martina checked out Dollard & Co. for dinner and she really liked it. While it is pretentious, it’s also fun, the service was good, the food was tasty and she thought it was good value. €12 for a delicious hot lamb sandwich with salad and fries – and massive portions, which we’re all a fan of here! Team Alice checked it out on Martina’s suggestion for our farewell lunch with John, although it was a bit hectic at lunch time so we’ll all have to return some evening.  There’s definitely a nice continental vibe to it – not dissimilar to the food halls in Spain and Portugal, while Martina think it’s quite similar (though not as posh and overpriced!) to the food hall in Harrods.

Niamh went to Taco Taco and tried the duck tacos which she says were very tasty – Niamh is a wuss when it comes to spice but these had a nice hoisin dressing and Asian slaw so no need for gallons of uisce! She also went to Beef Lobster(all of the food for Niamh last weekend) and had the lobster roll – which was nice but not amazing! The creme brulee cocktail was delish though, but she’s not sure if she would be rushing back. While there’s a good buzz there, she’s not sure it was worth the money!

On the Screen

Niamh and Elaine are delighted with the return of Great British Bake Off – Tuesday nights are sorted now for a solid 3 months. Niamh loves it  – she says it’s such enjoyable TV. Very feel good (and feel hungry). While she’s missing the jokes from former  presenters Mel and Sue and of course, the fabulous Mary Berry, she’s still happy to buy in for another series. Elaine is delighted that Channel 4 are sticking to the old format and it’s also brilliant that we can watch it now on C4 plus one!

Martina and Emily are both really enjoying ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ on BBC and are looking forward to the final episode this Sunday. Unfortunately, they’ve both read the book, so they’re not kept in suspense as to the identity of the killer! But they both agree it’s a good depiction of the book and would recommend it!

Eva’s finally started to watch HBO’s Veep and doesn’t know how she’s only starting now! According to her it’s like the perfect blend of Seinfeld and The Thick of It, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pure gold. (Maybe the dingo ate your baby!)

John watched Death Note on Netflix – it’s an American version of a very famous Japanese Manga. Being honest, he said the movie was a bit of a mess but still enjoyable mind-less viewing.

Martina also loved this video on tackling food waste in the Britain.

On the Page 

Eva is just about to start new release ‘Onlyness’ by Nilofer Merchant after seeing her fabulous talk at Inspirefest this summer. She was Eva’s favourite speaker at the event, so she’s really looking forward to this one.

Niamh found this article about the Irish Women’s Rugby Team very interesting  – it chronicles what they had to deal with in the lead up to the World Cup, which we all agree is fairly shocking.

Coming up, Niamh is making us all extremely jealous and heading off to Electric Picnic this weekend, Emily has hit geriatric phase and is treating herself to a spa day in Hayfield Manor in Cork with some friends, and Martina has a busy weekend entertaining guests! Elaine is also looking forward to checking out the Zero Waste Festival next week, which her fabulous sister-in-law is involved in!

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