April already? How did that happen?! Despite the traffic mayhem with the bus strikes, and the weather being a bit up and down, we’ve had a good start to April here at Alice PR!

We’ve done lots of work with Home2Home, the Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment and the Irish Research Council amongst others but we’ve also managed to have a little quality time for ourselves!

Out and about:

AprilOn Friday we all headed out to say goodbye to our fabulous intern Ellie. Ellie worked with us here at Alice PR for the last few months on a range of projects and we really appreciate all of her hard work.  To mark her time here we all went for a drink to WigWam on Abbey Street followed by gorgeous pizza in Olio – so good! From there we headed to the Grand Social and a great night was had.

AprilOn Sunday, Martina climbed the Sugar Loaf, and the weather was perfect which meant they had amazing views all the way up. Afterwards, they rewarded themselves with a Teddy’s ice-cream in Bray.

Anne also enjoyed her first ice-cream of the season in St Stephen’s Green. She opted for bounty and mango – yum!

AprilNelly ventured to the Cliffs of Moher with her college group, which she loved, and despite the windy conditions, she came back in one piece!

On the plate:

AprilNiamh took herself off to a new café just opened in Rathmines on Saturday in search of ‘the cure’ – and found it in the form of a bacon butty! The place is called The Pot Bellied Pig and, aside from the brunch, the interiors alone are worth going for. She says they are dreamy and we can’t argue with her photographic evidence!

As promised, Emily made her belated Mother’s Day trip home on Saturday morning and had a delicious family dinner with her Dad’s two sisters. Her lovely mother cooked up a storm with delicious roast pork, and her usual three desserts! The weather was fab at home so she spent the weekend out and about soaking up the country air and playing with their dog, Oscar.

AprilFor food, Eva has been laying fairly low in terms of eating out but she did cook this chickpea biryani during the week and says that it was delish and pretty healthy. It looks amazing!

On Monday Anne met a friend for dinner at Il Vicoletto in Temple Bar, a lovely Italian restaurant and had seafood pasta but was so hungry, she didn’t stop to take a picture for us!

AprilOn Sunday morning Nelly tried out ‘Third Space’  in Smithfield, which she said serves a great breakfast and she loved being able to read one of the many books they had available there.

On the screen:

Niamh has started watching the new Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why‘ and although she’s not sure if she’s actually enjoying yet, she’s reserving judgement until she’s seen it all!  At episode 6, she feels it’s one of those programmes where you just want to know so badly what happens at the end that you keep watching and she’s going to be very cross if it finishes on a cliff hanger!

Emily went to see Beauty and the Beast on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Although she says that objectively it’s not the best movie ever made but the nostalgia factor won her over as she loved the original and loved Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts!

AprilShe is also delighted to see Mad Men on Netflix – she watched it all on TV originally and is now looking forward to revisiting it. It’s such a good show, we’re all fans here. Emily likes to pretend that Alice PR is just like Sterling Cooper, without the lies…and the affairs…and any male colleagues…and coffee instead of whiskey..but the same nonetheless!

After a bit of a break, Eva is getting back into season two of ‘Happy Valley’, which she says is equally violent but twice as intriguing.

Elaine is devastated that April brought with it the end of season three of Catastrophe, and though not wanting to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, she really hopes everything works out and comes together for poor Rob!

Martina watched ‘Hell or High Water’ at the weekend – a modern western with a great Nick Cave soundtrack and loved it.

In the headphones:

Niamh and Eva have both started listening to the new S-Town podcast. It’s by the same people who made ‘Serial’ which Niamh was addicted to when it came out. Niamh is on episode three so far but is absolutely intrigued as to where it will all end. Eva said that she likes how it’s so visual, which she said is amazing for a podcast!

That’s what tickled us in the first week of April. What did you get up to? If you’ve any recommendations, we’d love to hear from you. Share them with us in the comments section below.

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