The countdown to Christmas is on! Find out what #TeamAlice got up to this week in our #WhatTickledAlice!

Out and About:

Emily had a day off on Friday (well for some) and went home to Tipp. She went off for a day out with Mammy and visited Birr Castle. It was a really frosty morning, the first of December, so it felt very Christmassy! The gardens there are lovely so she went for a walk around the lake, and saw the ‘Great Telescope‘, which was once the largest telescope in the world, followed by coffee and cake – definitely a nice day out!

Lizzy headed off to Belfast with her study abroad program. One of the professors from the school gave them a historic tour of the city and the neighbourhoods surrounding it. Being from the States, Lizzy found learning all about the history of the city extremely interesting. She then ended up at the Belfast Christmas Market which was absolutely delightful by all accounts. The best way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Elaine was also getting into the Christmas spirit and had a quick Christmas dash around (the DREADED) Dundrum! They couldn’t stay long as they had to get home to prepare for ‘The Late Late Toy Show’, which went down a treat. Both Susan and Thomas lasted for the whole thing and got plenty of ideas for Santa! On Sunday, Elaine headed along to a coffee morning in aid of the SADDFoundation which raises funds for cuddle cots for bereaved parents. It was a huge success as always and Thomas and Susan were thrilled to get their faces painted, meet Santa and eat their weight in cakes and goodies!

Emily took her nephew and niece, aged 6 and 4, on a big adventure to town – which is apparently becoming their pre-Christmas tradition! They went to the Wax Museum which they loved – lots of tunnels they can climb through, a mirror maze, and they loved the wax cartoon characters of Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… they even got to meet Santa, so it went down a treat!

Lizzy hopped on the ferry from Belfast and traveled over to Stranraer in Scotland for the weekend to visit relatives. She hadn’t seen that side of her family in years and she said it was absolutely incredible to be able spend the weekend exploring her family’s roots. After a nice relaxing weekend, it was back to the books for the final few assignments of the semester! (Where has the time gone?!).

On the Screen:

Emily went to see ‘Call Me By Your Name’ in the Lighthouse Cinema. It has been getting rave reviews, and our old Alice pal John Smith had been singing its praises too! It’s a gay love story set in Italy in the 1980s. Elio, a gifted 17-year old Italian/American son of academics, spends every summer with his parents in their beautiful villa in Northern Italy. Every year his parents invite an American student to spend the summer to assist with his father’s research, and this year it was the turn of Oliver, a 24 year old dreamboat in the shape of Armie Hammer, and the story is about the relationship that develops between him and Elio. Emily loved it – it’s quite slow moving but the cinematography and the soundtrack are amazing. She would even go to see it again… A big thumbs up for this one!

Elaine is still following ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and loving it. There are two episodes left so she’s dying to see how it all wraps up. She’s completely gripped!

Niamh watched ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ – a great Christmassy film! She loves anything with Mara Wilson as a child!

Martina watched a great movie called ‘Ingrid Goes West’, starring Aubrey Plaza, who is great. It’s all about the perils of Instagram stalking and how we follow people thinking their lives are amazing when really they’re not! Sounds like we all need to watch this one…

On the Plate:

After putting up their Christmas decorations, Niamh and her housemates sat down to a delicious meal of chicken broccoli à la Claire – apparently  becoming a bit of a December 1st tradition in their house, along with Shane’s mulled wine. Ideal start to the festivities!

Martina had dinner in a place she’d never tried before – PHX Bistro on Ellis Quay. Really friendly staff and a very good-value menu. It’s a handy one if you’re around D7!

Last night, Team Alice had a few well deserved drinks in the East Side Tavern. What a great pub and a warm welcome from owner, Keiron. Lovely chilled out, cosy vibe and a great jazz band playing. We’ll be back!

Looking Forward to…

More Christmas festivities, of course!

That’s all from us here, let us know what you got up to or if you have any recommendations!



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