It was all about dating (of the cultural variety!) last weekend for Team Alice – with Martina, Emily and Anne spending time at the various Culture Date with Dublin 8 events that were on all around Kilmainham and Inchicore. Anne celebrated her birthday Dublin-style and Niamh took herself off home for communions and catch-ups, while Eva cycled herself silly on her new bike!

Out and about:

Eva spent Friday evening seeing a pianist called Lambert play at the Pepper Canister Church.  He plays with a percussionist and all the music is his own composition. She loved the performance and the venue – her verdict is that the Pepper Canister is perfect for creating atmosphere.

Dublin CultureOn Friday, Anne, Martina and Emily went to Kilmainham Gaol for a special preview of the excellent ‘Women of the Gaol’ tour, which is all about the ordinary female prisoners of the Gaol.  To digest the tour and of course “ring in the weekend”, the three of them had a beer afterwards in the Royal Oak, Martina’s local and one of her favourite Dublin pubs – she says it basically feels like it hasn’t changed in over 100 years, and has its own hidden little snug at the back of the bar (might not be so hidden anymore…).

Dublin CultureNiamh went home for the weekend to go to a communion party for her two little cousins. She said there was quite the spread – you can’t beat the old buffet! They also had a candy cart, which was basically a help-yourself sweet-shop… We’re sure she just forgot to bring in the party bags for us!

On Saturday, Anne was cooped up writing the final reports on her (fabulous!) internship for university and writing her application for her Masters, which she’s hoping to start in October this year. But the nice weather tempted her to escape and wander into town for a coffee.

Culture DublinIt was Anne’s birthday on Tuesday of this week and, in typical Alice style, we were delighted to have yet another opportunity to decorate the office and eat some cake!

Anne is excited about returning home to Germany in a couple of weeks (although we’ll miss her hugely!) and even more excited about the little birthday table her parents have prepared for her, which she’ll get to see in the flesh once she’s back home.  From the pictures, we think it might be pointing in the direction of her getting a new bike for her birthday – her old one was stolen in 2015, so that’ll be a nice welcome to come home to!

Dublin CultureEva was also on a new bike buzz this week – she bought a new one on Saturday and is very excited about it!


Culture Dublin
© Marc O’Sullivan Photography

For Emily, last weekend meant a good old family catch-up: she went to IMMA with her two sisters, Anita and Carmel, and their kids and had a busy afternoon playing with them flat out! Her nephew, Conall, is 5 and is really into sport, so the afternoon involved non-stop races.

She, along with Martina, also found some time to indulge in a bit more culture and went to the launch of a new exhibition called ‘Assembly‘, commemorating those who died in World War One. It was in Richmond Barracks, and also part of Culture Date with Dublin 8.

Emily, Martina and Anne went to the re-opening of Goldenbridge Cemetery as part of Culture Date too. The cemetery had been closed for almost 150 years and is very atmospheric, with leaning headstones and ancient trees.

And to round off our Culture Date activities, Martina did a walking tour of Kilmainham with Pat Liddy (an absolute fountain of knowledge on Dublin history!), and went to the Freud exhibition in IMMA.

On the plate:

Press cafe super club by Randeep Gill

Despite all that fascinating culture, the highlight of Martina’s weekend was food-related.

She was at a very special (invite-only!) supper club on Saturday night, where chef Randeep Gill cooked an absolute feast of Mexican-themed food at the Press Café beside the National Print Museum in Beggar’s Bush – six courses over 4.5 hours. Wow!

The food was divine, made all the better by Randeep’s great introduction to each course, explaining what ingredients he used and how everything was prepared and cooked.  This was definitely one of Martina’s most memorable food experiences ever!

We’ll keep you posted if we hear of future supper clubs coming up 🙂

On Tuesday, of course, we took the opportunity to have a night out to celebrate Anne’s birthday: Eva brought the team to a great little café / bar called Probus, near to Merrion Square. Such a nice spot – we all felt like we were on our holidays in France! We had a delicious cheese and charcuterie board and tried out their vast range of craft beers and ciders – not the wisest decision on a Tuesday!

On the screen:

On top of all her Culture Date and feasting activities, Martina managed to squeeze in a few episodes of the new series of ‘Master of None’.  If you haven’t watched this yet, she says it’s a must-see! Series 1 and 2 are on Netflix and she LOVES it. According to Martina, it’s a really, really funny show (although she loves ‘The Big Bang Theory’, so take her recommendations with a pinch of salt…) starring Aziz Ansari of ‘Parks & Rec’ fame – another one of her favourite shows (that one she’s correct on!).

Dublin CultureEva watched the Eurovision on Saturday night – she’s a massive fan! It’s a dream of hers to go to it some year. She (we all!)  thought Portugal’s song was beautiful and she’s so glad the brother and sister won – but she was rooting for Romania the whole time – she loves a bit of yodelling in the Eurovision!

On the page:

Eva finally finished ‘Decline and Fall’ by Evelyn Waugh. Her verdict is that it’s fun, light reading but it is maybe a little too farcical for her liking. She reckons she prefers Waugh’s later and slightly darker work, such as ‘A Handful of Dust’.

So that was our jam-packed week.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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