We’ve had a great week, aided by some fabulous weather and we’re  all looking forward to a nice Easter Bank Holiday, gorging on good food and copious amounts of Easter eggs and chocolate of any description!

We’re all about enjoying the pre-Easter sunshine and pretty much everyone in Team Alice got out and about at some stage over the past week.

Out and about:

EasterAnne’s weekend started earlier than usual on Friday, because her aunt and uncle landed in Dublin in the afternoon and they were welcomed with beautiful sunshine! On Saturday they headed west to the Cliffs of Moher. Although they didn’t enjoy the long bus trip, the weather was wonderful and they had beautiful sunshine to enjoy the breathtaking views once they reached their destination.

On Sunday they took in a tour through Dublin and loved Trinity College and the Book of Kells. With over 200,000 books, Anne found it a very tranquil space.  She can’t believe her time in Dublin is half over already – so much to do, so little time!

Emily and Eva, as all #WhatTickled blog readers will know, both have a keen interest in cycling, so they headed to the Dublin Cycling Campaign meeting about new 30km speed zones in Dublin city and county. They said it was really informative and were impressed by how organised the whole thing is, as it is 100% run by volunteers.

Niamh spent most of Saturday enjoying the sun around town. As she said herself, it’s actually hard to be in a bad mood when the weather is this good! She went to Eatyard with friends and her little sis, and they ended up staying there for the whole evening – she felt like she was abroad!

Emily took part in the ‘Quest Glendalough‘ adventure race on Saturday – what a day they had for it! Herself and a couple of friends signed up for the 41km Sport category – 41 kilometres of running, cycling and kayaking all around Glendalough. She said it was really tough going but the views helped, and there was a really good atmosphere during it – everyone was very supportive and encouraging. She completed it 17 minutes faster than last year too so she was  delighted with herself! She said the kayaking was spectacular – it’s the only time of the year people are allowed kayak on the Upper Lake and the water was crystal clear. She found the last 2km run to the finish line tough going with soggy shoes after the kayaking but it was worth it in the end! The event was really well organised and had a real party atmosphere at the finish – helped by the glorious sun. They spent a few hours lying around in the sun soaking up the atmosphere and deservedly stuffing their faces. Her body was still a bit wrecked after it  but she still managed to go out for a few beers to celebrate on Saturday!

Although Martina was working last weekend, she got out in the sun for a little while, strolling around the beautiful gardens at IMMA and having an ice-cream picnic! On Sunday she did the cliff-top walk in Howth and watched some crazy divers doing all sorts of impressive tricks at the cliffs there.

On the plate:

EasterAfter the cliff-top walk, Martina and co went to Beshoffs The Market for what looks like an amazing seafood lunch. She also finally got to Caffe Amore on George’s Street for dinner on Friday night.  A few people had recommended it to her as a very good, authentic Italian, and seemingly it lived up to that – they were about the only non-Italians there!

Eva and her friend headed to Umi Falafel last Monday after work and shared the Falafel Plate which included falafels, spinach rolls, hummus, tabbouleh and pitta bread – she’d definitely recommend it!

At the Eatyard Niamh enjoyed the Pow Boa – which is an Asian-style steamed bun with chicken and a peanut sauce and other lovely things in it – very tasty! She topped off with a ‘Bubble Waffle’ for dessert with ice-cream and nutella and more delish things. Mmmmm!

And as a post race treat, Emily too ended up at the Eatyard on Sunday and had a delicious naan wrap from Kerala Kitchen – really tasty!

Anne and her aunt and uncle ended up in the Adelpi Bar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Her uncle fell in love with The Foxes Rock IPA and her aunt loved the live music and the cosiness of the place. On Monday after work she met up with them again for their last evening in Dublin together. They went to Cactus Jacks and she loved the flat garlic and rosemary bread. Sounds good!

On the screen:

Martina watch ‘Captain Fantastic’ at the weekend and she highly recommends it. She said it’s a very thought-provoking movie about Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen), his wife Leslie and their six children who live deep in the wilderness of Washington State, isolated from society. When Leslie dies suddenly, Ben must take his sheltered offspring into the outside world for the first time.

On the page:

EasterMartina finally finished the Paul Simon biography she was reading.  As an avid reader, she was very surprised at how long it took her to get through it. On the whole, she was quite disappointed with it. She thought the author seemed to really dislike Paul Simon & kept making cutting remarks and snide digs at him throughout the book – which is a bit of an unusual stance for a biographer.

She’s happy to have finished it and has now moved on to ‘Winnie and George; an unlikely union’, the true and previously untold story of two individuals who lived remarkable lives. She was a Roman Catholic, he belonged to the Church of Ireland. She was a republican, he was a unionist. She was a member of Cumann na mBan, while George had been in the Young Citizen Volunteers loyalist group. She’s really looking forward to the full read.

Eva is reading a collection of short stories – ‘Nine Stories’ by J.D. Salinger. Apart from Catcher in the Rye, she hadn’t read anything else by him so she’s finding it really lovely to read something else. The stories are set to a backdrop of post Second World War America so there is both beauty and tragedy depicted in them. She’s looking forward to discussing it with her book club gang on Monday.

Elaine too is reading for her book club. This time it’s a book called ‘Set This House in Order’ by Matt Ruff. The main character in the book has multiple personalities and so seemingly it’s difficult to get a grip on who is who in the book and if they are real or another of the character’s personalities.  She’s hoping that as the story progresses things will become clearer and more obvious!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from all at Alice PR! We hope the Easter bunny comes…or not…we’ll leave you with these images of bunnies that will make your skin crawl!

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