We don’t do things by calves here at #TeamAlice, not even our puns! Read on to hear about Tipp’s best falafel, laughs galore with Comedy and our usual penchant for indulgence  – it’s #WhatTickledAlice

On the Plate:

Holly celebrated the weekend – what else is it there for? – with a trip to the Port House on South William St. Wild mushrooms gloriously fried in oil, garlic and herbs, patatas bravas, seared asparagus and more garlic aioli than you could shake a stick at – she was in food heaven! With such an extensive wine list and a cosy décor, she would highly recommend it for a leisurely treat. 

Emily was at home at her parent’s house for a long weekend, and during that time went to a local café called Stef Hans. Located in The Source Arts Centre, “our fierce modern and ugly-looking cultural centre”, Emily had never been but discovered that all the good things she’s been hearing about the place were well-founded: it was DELISH! She would highly recommend the falafel – not that she needs to after this drool-inducing photo! Road trip to Thurles, anyone?

Out and About:

Eva tried out the newly refurbished Bewley’s on Grafton Street over the weekend. At first she was put off by the long queue but as it actually moved fast and the service was great, she really enjoyed her experience. Particularly the lovely décor and her coconut hot chocolate – both are absolutely divine!!

Niamh has been keeping a low profile this week and enjoying the home comforts of mammy’s cooking and catch ups with friends. One of her friends has just returned from travelling the world so Niamh spent the weekend listening to her amazing tales about Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia and more! Niamh is veryyyyy jealous but does also work at Alice PR – so who’s the real winner here!

Holly went to Whelan’s for their Cherry Comedy on Monday night and her cheeks are still sore! David O’Doherty was headlining and as he is a personal idol, the night was the highlight of her week, month, year…basically since 2015 when she last saw him! With six different comedians it was the best way to chase away Monday blues! 

Emily continued her weekend retreat with a wander to see the calves that have been born (22 out of 160!). Sure what else would the country folk be at in springtime?! Emily was very enthusiastic about how cute the calves of her Jersey cows are but after seeing several photos we’re just not convinced…! If you hear of a calf robbery anytime soon, it absolutely was not us.

She also hiked up her local ‘mountain’ on Sunday morning to make the most of these crisp February mornings. She climbed Devil’s Bit, located close to Templemore which she declares is a great spot for a short hike and has lovely views of Tipperary! 

On the Screen:

Eva, after a saga of epic proportions, finally made it to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Apparently, the prolonged anticipation was worth it as she gave Frances McDormand full marks and thought the movie itself was absolutely brilliant! Although not essential to see it in the cinema, Eva would recommend it for the overall experience however her main priority is just that you watch it in any way, shape or form!

Eva has also  been watching British thriller, Marcella and is enthralled so far. Accusing everybody in this whodunit, she’s intrigued to see how it pans out.

Holly has been trying to practice a bit of self-control and gradually watch the new season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie…never an easy feat! Season 4 brings more hilarity and sentimental loveliness from Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin but, although only a few episodes in, she hasn’t been blown away…apart from her usual awe of watching these incredible women defy every stereotype! Maybe binge-watching does make everything better? 

Niamh watched the rugby on Saturday and roared along with the rest of the country – What a finish! In fairness to Johnny, he’s pure class.

She also watched an episode of The Secret Life of Five Year Olds on Tuesday night. It was a celebratory episode to mark 100 Years since women won the right to vote, so it featured ten 5-year-old girls. Niamh, known to be obsessed with the show, finds it fascinating watching them all interact with each other, particularly when the show incorporated special games and tasks based on voting into the episode too. She thoroughly enjoyed it!


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