It could be the Valentine’s procession of rose-bearing courters we’ve been seeing on the streets this morning, or it could be the dulcet tones of Declan O’Rourke serenading us radio-style with tales of that young Galileo buck, but we’re feeling awfully fond of humanity today.

In an effort to make Valentine’s Day about all of the love and not just this romance malarkey, we’ve put together a wee list – a love letter to PR, if you will – of all the things we love so much about our clients, our jobs and our company!

Parental Pride

We often feel like proud parents at school awards ceremonies when we see our clients excel, grow and begin to receive the recognition they deserve. Nothing makes us happier than coming into the office to see features on events, launches or research we have spent so long watching come together from that first idea to its final realisation. Just yesterday we were sitting in the office listening to coverage of the launch of the Children’s Rights Alliance Annual Report Card. Highlighting key issues affecting children all over Ireland, it was a proud moment for all of us to hear the report getting the attention it deserves as they strive to improve the lives of Irish children.

Stationery. Always Stationery…and the Constitution

Eva got to hold an absolutely gigantic Constitution right here in Alice headquarters and the evidence tells you everything you need to know about how much we loved and continue to love the joy on her face! Working in PR means having loads of lovely stationery to record all of our important thoughts, ideas and notes (there are many). And we LOVE stationery.




Stimulation Central

We love how diverse all of our clients are and how they continue to stimulate and challenge us in new and exciting ways. From becoming immersed in the fascinating world of technology thanks to our work with 404 London, to being inspired to sign up for a triathlon thanks to our work with fitness events like Outdoor Revolution, we are constantly evolving on a professional and personal level.

We love how our job allows us to engage with all of the incredible things Dublin, Ireland and beyond has to offer – whether it’s an Aontas award ceremony for adult learners or a new piece of research from our scholarly friends at DIAS. We’re not sure how many people can say their job brings so much variety, knowledge and very handy dinner conversation but we can and we love it!

Rubbing Shoulders

Who are we kidding, one of the things we love most about our work is the opportunity to rub shoulders with influencers, celebs and high-profile figures like Brendan Courtney, Ailbhe Smyth, Anna Nolan, Marty Morrissey…to name a few. It’s a glamorous life, what can we say?! Sorry? Not sorry. Here’s just a sample of the photos we have close to hand/saved as our screensavers but really we’re very laid-back when it comes to meeting famous people. We absolutely don’t die inside. Or get photographic evidence framed. Yet.



Clichéd and unoriginal (for a change!!) but the thing we are most grateful for are the people we are privileged to call clients, colleagues, friends. To be a part of female-led team and work with women (and you too, Darragh!) who are so dedicated and passionate about what they do is something we are eternally proud of and thankful for. We love being a part of #TeamAlice,where every day brings new things to learn, new experiences to embrace and new people who are making this world lovelier and easier to love. And looking around at the current state of the world, that’s no mean feat!


Happy day of soppiness and chocolate from all of us here at Alice and for any lonely souls out there just look at this picture of Emily with Marty Morrissey and know true love really does exist!! xoxo #TeamAlice


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