#GirlBossMonday - Martina's Tips for Budding PR Pros

entrepreneursPeople have been lining up to interview our MD Martina recently - to get her insights into setting up a company, working in PR and the tricks of the trade as an entrepreneur.

Martina has previously shared her story on Fora.ie and with Entrepreneurs Anonymous. This month, she's featured in the #GirlBossMonday blog on OrlaghClaire.com, sharing tips for budding PR pros.

Irish-born Orlagh Shanks is in her second year of a Business with Public Relations degree at Liverpool's John Moores University. She's been building up lots of experience working in PR, including on Belfast Fashion Week, at Influential PR and Marketing Agency in Liverpool and as Internal Communications Assistant at MD Insurance Services, Birkenhead. When she graduates, she hopes to establish her own PR agency. entrepreneurs

With this in mind, and having read #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso, she started the #GirlBossMonday blog. It features different businesswomen from the PR industry every Monday, sharing their stories to "inspire readers so that we may be business leaders of the future".

Orlagh invited our very own Martina, Founder and MD of Alice, to participate in the series. The resulting blog was published yesterday, and you can read it here.

In the blog, Martina shares tips for budding PR pros, including:

  • Write as much as possible, so that you can show prospective employers a portfolio of real work that you've done when you're looking for a job.
  • Demonstrate that you're able to write in different styles - press releases, blogs, social media, formal briefing papers...
  • Gain experience of photo-calls and media launches if you can.  Think about volunteering for a comms role with a local charity or festival.
  • Start building your links with journalists and bloggers now.
  • Show enthusiasm and initiative: if you want to work for a particular company, tell them what you like about their work.  Be really tailored in your approach.
  • Finally, watch, listen to and read the news and other types of media - consume the media that you will be pitching to as a PR professional!

Check out the blog for more on these PR tips.

We're also looking forward to reading the up-coming blogs from other female entrepreneurs. You can read the full blog post here.