Our long-serving Senior Client Director and Board Member, Ciara Murphy, is finishing with Alice today, and our CEO Martina has written this tribute to her…

When I started working for myself back in 2015, one of the people I regularly turned to for advice was my friend Ciara. We had worked together in two jobs previously, and I knew she knew the communications industry; understood me and what I was trying to achieve; and – most importantly – gave sound advice.

Before Alice even existed as a brand (never mind as a fully-functioning company!), I was picking Ciara’s brains on potential names for my new business.

Luckily for me, at the time, Ciara was available for work, and – once things started to get busy for me – she began working with Alice, initially as a consultant and then as our first Client Director.

In those days (and this was well before Covid made remote working popular), I worked from the kitchen table in my tiny apartment; and Ciara worked from a little desk in a nook under her stairs! For our first Christmas party, there was only the two of us on #TeamAlice, so we brought my sister along to make up numbers 😊

Over the following months and years, the company grew – and Ciara played a key role in achieving that growth.

Alongside her excellent work for clients, one of Ciara’s many talents is her ability to nurture other team-members. She has been integral to building a really positive culture at Alice, where newer and younger colleagues are supported, and everyone has each other’s back.

She is also one of the most organised and planning-oriented people I know: she loves nothing more than a good to-do list and I don’t think she has ever met a process or a system that she didn’t want to enhance!

As a Senior Client Director, Ciara has led campaigns for many of our public-sector and charity clients, particularly relishing work in the research, education and social justice sectors. As a member of our senior management team and Board of Directors, she has helped to make Alice the company we are today – ensuring we have a brilliant team; a loyal client-base; and that we are growing year on year.

Ciara, thank you SO much for all your super work and support over the past nine years. We are excited and happy for you as you now take on new adventures (but we will miss you loads!).