Interview with Martina Quinn, Alice MD, on Fora.ie

Alice PR & Events' Founder and Managing Director, Martina Quinn is always busy - but always generous with her time.  She is particularly good when it comes to sharing her insights and experiences as the founder of a start-up company. Recently, she was interviewed by business news site Fora.ie.

Fora.ie is the business news spin-off of TheJournal.ie, Ireland's leading online news site.  It regularly features stories of entrepreneurs and insights from business leaders on the challenges they faced over the course of their careers and the lessons learned along the way.

In her interview with Fora.ie, Martina shared her own experiences of setting up Alice, ranging from her thoughts on working with friends to pitfalls, plans for the future and having a competitive edge. You can read the resulting article here.

On a related note, a couple of weeks ago, Martina was invited to deliver a talk on her entrepreneurial experiences to an event organised by Entrepreneurs Anonymous in Dublin. She gave an honest account of starting a business in the fast-paced area of PR.  In her talk to over 100 attendees, she included information on what not to do, as well as useful tips and hints.  You can read more here.