Hardcore followers of #TeamAlice may be aware that, for the past four years, we’ve published a regular blog, ‘What Ticked Alice?’, detailing our cultural adventures in Dublin, Belfast and further afield.

Fresh from a 2020 team planning day, we’ve decided to give our blog a shake-up.

And, so, we bid farewell to ‘What Tickled…’ and introduce ‘The A-List’.  This will be our new weekly round-up of all the things we’ve been consuming – from food to film; from the songs we can’t get out of our heads to the books we can’t put down.

So, this week, we’ve been:


Eating in:


  • ‘Cheer’, ‘Money Heist’, ‘The Stranger’, ‘Sex Education’, ‘AJ and the Queen’, ‘Messiah’ and ‘Lady Bird’ on Netflix.
  • ‘All Walks of Life’ with Mary McAleese and Amy Huberman and the ‘Prime Time’ leaders’ debate on RTÉ.

Listening to:

Discovering that:

  • Our neighbours, The Woollen Mills, have a beautiful meeting room overlooking the River Liffey. We used it for our team planning day this week.

Feeling inspired by:

  • A workshop with Ray McKiernan from Resilience International, looking at how we can de-stress and work smarter, not harder.

And looking forward to:

  • A weekend visit to The Happy Pear.
  • Non-stop reading / watching / listening to the election results.
  • A Sunday roast at home in Laois (that’s Eimear!).
  • Checking out our new neighbours, Leon, opening on the Millennium Walkway next Tuesday, who have kindly invited us to their ‘Food for Feedback’ preview event on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

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