With things settling down and getting back to normal this week, although it’s January, some of us are still in a Christmas frame of mind (eating crunchies and chocolate biscuits for breakfast!).
We’ve been focusing on positive work-based resolutions that we think can be achieved in 2017. We wrote about it in our blog and you can read about it here.

January being January, we’re in slight hibernation mode, with plenty of fires, books and telly going on. This is what team Alice has been up to over the last few weeks:

Out and about:

Martina went to see Christy Moore last night in Vicar St and really enjoyed it.

It was a great night altogether and he played ‘Joxer Goes to Stuttgart’ which went down a treat. An awful lot of people in Ireland still seem to be fiercely proud and nostalgic about the 1988 European Championships.

Niamh and Emily have signed up for a half marathon in Connemara later this year. We’re all very impressed with their determination and dedication. You go girls!January

Elaine and family finished 2016 with a dip in the sea. It was a great and refreshing end to the year and it wasn’t as cold as you might expect – promise!

On the plate:

It’s the season of leftovers, curries and stews. Anything comforting, warm and stodgy will do the trick! Elaine is hoping to try out one new recipe a week and started well with a chicken korma from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Ministry of Food’. It was a hit. We’re not sure what’s on the menu next week though!

JanuaryOn the screen:

Like we said, it’s hibernation time and we’re all binge watching TV and boxsets.

Martina has been checking out ‘The Shooter’, a US TV show starring Ryan Philippe, and is enjoying it so far while Niamh has started watching ‘Black Mirror’. She is finding it slightly unnerving and also a little depressing. She will persevere but can’t help feeling that she expected more.

Emily binge watched ‘The Crown’ last week and weekend and quite enjoyed it. Seemingly a slow starter but gives a really interesting insight into post-war Britain, and a period of the monarch that she knew nothing about before. She was surprised to see that Princess Margaret was such a divil!

Elaine stumbled on a film the other night that she would highly recommend called ‘A Most Violent Year’. She started watching it thinking it was a series, and was disappointed in a way that it wasn’t, because the characters were great. Set in the 1970’s, it was quite Sopranos-esque; filled with dodgy characters, shady deals and an uncertainty of how genuine and truthful the characters were being. Great film, and definitely recommended.

January, Sherlock
Image via IMDB.com

Ciara is hooked on ‘Sherlock’. She’s been waiting for the new season for months and watched the first three seasons over Christmas in preparation. ‘The Lying Detective’ was last week and featured one of the creepiest villains of the whole series. There was a major plot twist at the end so she’s counting down the days until she can watch the final episode on Sunday.

Everyone in the office is absolutely enthralled by the new series of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, so much so that they can’t even bear the prospect of predicting a winner. Seemingly it’s all too emotional!


On the page:

January, The Goldfinch
Image via Goodreads.com

Elaine has been reading ‘Try Not to Breathe’ by Holly Seddon. It tells the story about a girl who is attacked when she is 15 and spends the next 15 years in a coma with some degree of awareness. Only a few chapters in but good so far!

Eva just finished reading ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ for her bookclub and she got pretty spooked and it nearly ended up in the freezer a couple of times. She loved it though and would never have read it were it not for bookclub.

Emily is reading ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt, a Christmas present from her mammy! So far so good but very long!

Let us know what you have been up to this last couple of weeks – we’d love to hear from you! Send us your news in the comments section below!




YouTube clip via INEC Killarney

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