It’s already midterm and it also marks the beginning of maternity for our fabulous colleague Ciara (good luck Ciara!) and a year in Alice PR for both Niamh and Elaine. Niamh and Elaine have been working across loads of projects in their time here from Career Zoo to D8CEC, the Irish Research Council, Springboard and a lot more besides, it’s been a fun and busy year and they’ll be sharing their thoughts and highlights in a blog next week.

Meanwhile, we’ve been looking back at the midterm week that was and sharing what tickled us.

Out and about:

Midterm has brought a  mix of weather and with it a mix of both indoor and outdoor activities!

Martina has been keeping a relatively low profile, in an effort to rid herself of a particularly nasty cold that’s been hanging around for weeks now. Nelly too has been a little under the weather but didn’t let that hold her back from discovering the wild coast at Killiney where she met friends for lunch. She ventured to The Forty Foot but didn’t make the plunge…this time! Elaine and Emily also took to the coast to blow off a few “cobwebs” and it worked a treat!
midtermEva went to The Parlour at Whelan’s for a party and highly recommends it as a venue. With its cosy open fires and comfy seating, it looks like the perfect place to hibernate from Storm Doris!

On the plate:

Midterm allows for family holidays and meet-ups. Emily spent day with her family when her eldest brother came home from Paris for a visit with their two children – one of whom is only seven months old and she’d never met before! They celebrated with a Sunday lunch and seemingly everyone ate their body-weight in chocolate biscuit cake!

Emily and Niamh ventured out to Musashi for sushi and it was delish, as always. We saw the photos and are very jealous. It looks yum! midterm

After weeks of eating out when she was in Melbourne, Eva is laying low and trying out a few new recipes at home including a vegan BLT and The Happy Pear’s green bean curry – nom!

On the page:

Emily is very proud of her brother in law who was featured in last week’s Sunday Independent. He’s an architect and had a piece about bringing brightness into the darkest of spaces. Well done Gareth!

Eva is scrambling to finish Child 44, thriller novel by British writer Tom Rob Smith, for her book club. She has listened to it on Audible so has been able to get through it whilst doing various chores around the house. She says it won’t change your life, but it’s entertaining and Smith sets the scene for life in Soviet Russia very well.

Elaine ventured to her first book club meeting this week and although she wasn’t as taken with ‘I am Pilgrim’ as much as everyone else seemed to be she’s looking forward to the next read and some more lemon drizzle cake!

On the screen:

Martina, Emily and Niamh all went to see “Lion” during the week and each one praised it highly. They all thought it was an incredible story and enjoyed it all the more because it’s a true story.  Martina got particularly into the whole thing and spent a good while afterwards googling real-life footage of the people involved in the story and is really looking forward to reading the book now.midterm

Niamh and Emily are smitten by both Dev Patel and Saroo as a child!

What have you been up to this midterm? Share your news and reviews with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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