As PR professionals, we eat, sleep and breathe media. So where does #TeamAlice turn for our daily fix of all things news and current affairs? We’re back for the third instalment of our ‘Media We Love’ series, where we ask the team to share how they stay on top of breaking news, where they turn for further insight, and what their day-to-day media consumption patterns are.

Last month you heard from our Account Manager, Ciarán Garrett. Up next is Emily Brennan, Account Director with #TeamAlice. Emily is a member of our Senior Management Team and, as well as directing our work with a range of clients, she serves as our Training Director, coordinating the design and delivery of our training services in topics such as social media, media relations and event management. Here are her day-to-day media favourites…

When and how do you get your first news updates of the day?

I get my first news updates by logging on to Twitter!

Tell us about breakfast and/or your commute – do you tune into the radio? Catch up on podcasts? Or read the morning papers?

Since I started working from home, I don’t listen to the radio as much as before, so my first port of call in the morning is to check The Irish Times and, as well as scrolling on Twitter. I generally always have Twitter open while working. I love listening to the radio in the car but, for the past few months, that has obviously been confined to driving to and from the shops! I plan on getting an Alexa or a radio in the coming weeks to get back into more radio listening.

What do you read on your tea/lunch break?

Instagram! I also save articles from The Guardian, or longer feature reads for my lunchbreak. For nice escapism, I’m a big fan of The Guardian’s “Blind Date” series.

Do you buy a print newspaper? If so, which one(s) and how often?

I would buy a print newspaper about once a month, normally on a Saturday, and it’s usually The Irish Times!

What Twitter accounts do you follow to stay up to date with current affairs?

I follow all national news outlets, as well as relevant local news outlets (e.g. Tipp FM!), but I get my news from specific journalists, for example Richard Chambers and Gavan Reilly.

What other social media do you use – and how / what for?

Instagram, which is definitely becoming more politicised, in the context of Black Lives Matter, End Direct Provision, and feminism. Facebook is much less relevant for news, but informs my work in other ways, like seeing how small businesses are using Facebook.

Are there any weekly columns, current affairs programmes, or newsletters you never miss?

I love Miriam Lord‘s column in The Irish Times, and I tend to tune in to ‘The Last Word’ on Today FM now and then, which strikes a nice balance in terms of current affairs and culture. ‘Moncrieff’ on Newstalk is great, too.

What is your favourite media outlet outside of Ireland? How much do keep up to date with international affairs?

As mentioned above, I regularly read The Guardian, and I’m trying to consume more US media too, by listening to ‘The Daily’ and reading The New York Times when the notion takes me.

Which news broadcast do you tune into at the end of your day?

Umm… Twitter?!

If you’d like to chat to Emily about the training services offered by Alice, get in touch!


  • This is such a great read. Love the interview format and answers of course. Might have to borrow this for something down the road at NCAD! I’ve been doing an alumni stories interview series for our website since the beginning of last year. Love Emily’s suggested reading and listening. I’ll watch out for more #TeamAlice interviews. Really terrific idea.

    • Thanks for the great feedback, Derek. Delighted you enjoyed this – and we don’t mind in the least if you borrow the format for NCAD 🙂 Hope all is well with you and all the team there, Martina

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