As PR professionals, we eat, sleep and breathe media. So where does #TeamAlice turn for our daily fix of all things news and current affairs?

This is the fourth installment of our ‘Media We Love’ series where we ask the team to share how they stay on top of breaking news, where they turn for further insight, and what their day-to-day media consumption patterns are.

In May, you heard from Emily Brennan, Account Director. This month, it’s #TeamAlice intern, Nicola Foxe’s turn to share. Nicola joins us to complete her Masters in Public Relations and Strategic Communications with DCU. Internships are intense times, so we asked Nicola how she manages to keep up to date with the news and media while being given all the opportunities to put PR into practice that she can handle!

When and how do you get your first news updates of the day?

I listen to the news on RTÉ Radio 1 and get updates on Twitter.

Tell us about breakfast and/or your commute – do you tune into the radio? Catch up on podcasts? Or read the morning papers?

Morning Ireland is always on during breakfast and if I am travelling on the bus, I would scroll the main news sites, Twitter, or listen to a podcast. The most recent podcast I’ve tuned into is Simon Sinek but I listen to ‘The Women’s Podcast’ or ‘Inside Politics’ from The Irish Times every so often too.

Is the radio on in the background while you work? If so, who are you listening to? Do you always have one eye on Twitter?

It depends on what I am working on but if it is, I listen to Today with Claire Byrne and always have one eye on the RTÉ News App.

What do you read on your tea/lunch break?

I generally take a look at the Irish Times App, the RTÉ News App, or have the News at One on the radio.

Do you buy a print newspaper? If so, which one(s) and how often?

I always buy the Sunday Business Post at the weekend.

What Twitter accounts do you follow to stay up to date with current affairs?

I follow all the national outlets and check in with local news, such as the Northside People or Near FM from time to time as well.

Are there any weekly columns, current affairs programmes, or newsletters you never miss?

I like a broad variety but I do try to tune into Moncrieff on NewsTalk for a bit of light listening.

What is your favourite media outlet outside of Ireland?

Outside of Ireland, I would check in every so often with The New York Times.

Which news broadcast do you tune into at the end of your day?

If I can, the Six O’Clock news, but failing that… you guessed it, the RTÉ News App.

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