This month we said goodbye to the lovely Dani Carr, who finished up her internship with Alice PR. It’s been fantastic having Dani on the team and she’s been invaluable to a number of client campaigns and events. Here’s her experience in her own words: 

Dani CarrWhere and what do you study?

I’m heading into my fourth and final year of a BA in History and Politics at University College Dublin.  

 Why did you choose to do a PR internship?

I knew since I began my degree that I wanted to take the opportunity to do an internship in my third year. UCD offers a wide range of internships to humanities students, but it was the PR internship that interested me the most. I did work experience in a PR company in secondary school for two weeks, so I‘d had a taste of PR before. With this internship, I knew I would be able to see projects through and get valuable hands-on experience.

 Why did you choose Alice PR?

Alice PR stood out to me because each client creates positive social change. This was important to me as a politics student as I am motivated by social impact. The client that stood out most to me when researching Alice PR was WorkEqual and their aim to help end the gender pay gap as well as helping women to enter the workplace, a client I am happy to say I got the opportunity to work with. 

 What has been your standout moment with Alice PR so far?

There have been a million standout moments, from working on events to photocalls to handling social media, but the best moment from my time here is how friendly everyone has been from day one. From the day I started, I was greeted with welcome messages from all of the team. In every induction session, I was made to feel so welcome. I was never afraid to ask questions or ask for help. I also love the responsibility I was given. I was made to feel like a valued team member who was given interesting jobs and tasks to do which have allowed me to get the full scope of what it’s like working in PR.

Where can you be found when you’re not working?

Going out for food is the typical answer. As a result, I’m trying to make sure I can be found in the gym more regularly. After spending more than two years stuck inside, I try to spend most weekends out with friends. I’m also trying to get in as much travel as I can to make up for lost time.

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