Every month here at Alice PR we post our stand-out ‘PR Moments of the month’, from fails to wins. We took a vote and present to you our top moments from October.

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Pat Kenny Tonight

In a recent training session in the office, we discussed the merits of Twitter. It is such a brilliant and direct way of getting in touch with family, friends, companies, clients, celebs and everyone in-between.

However, everyone knows there is a certain etiquette and some rules attached to using Twitter and social media generally.

One of those rules is to check your hashtags and Twitter handles before publishing them. One Twitter account to fall foul of not abiding by this rule was the new show ‘Pat Kenny Tonight’ on TV3. Because of this, it has taken top spot for our #fail in this month’s ‘PR moments of the month’.

The show first aired on 5th October, and encouraged audience participation with the hashtag #pktonight and account @pktonight. However, the Twitter handle clearly hadn’t been checked and was already associated with something a little different. Lesson learned. #CheckYourTwitterHandle #CheckYourHashtag


Our second #Fail comes after Twitter announced that they would be closing down their six second looping video app Vine.

Vine by Nick Santonastasso


Wexford Opera Festival

Our final #Fail of the month goes to Wexford Opera Festival who produced and distributed 100,000 of their 25 page glossy programme as an insert in The Irish Times, which included a photo of Tintern Abbey in Wales instead of Tintern Abbey, Wexford. PR, Wexford

Their Media Manager Elizabeth Rose Browne was upfront about the error, ‘We put our hands up. It was just an error on our part, an honest mistake. Normally, the venues give us the images. We tried to get images from the OPW but we didn’t make any headway so we sourced them ourselves. It was done in good faith and with good intention,’ she said

We’ve all been there.


TG4 Weather

October was the 20th anniversary of the launch of TG4. Originally called Teilifís na Gaeilge, the channel launched on Halloween Night of 1996. Over the years, TG4 brought us everything from Rugbaí Beo, while nobody else was interested in giving any time to rugby coverage, to Hector Ó hEochagáin’s travel show ‘Hector Amú’, and most recently they bought The Wire and Breaking Bad before other Irish stations had the foresight to see their potential.

Source: TG4

On Monday night, they nailed it with their Halloween weather forecast in which their weather presenter Caitlín Nic Aoidh disappeared in a cloud of smoke as she was hit by lightning while delivering her report.

The broadcast has since gone viral and has featured on Mashable, the Daily Mail, and the Huffington Post and as a result they have also gained the the coveted top spot on our PR ‘win’ ‘Moments of the month’ list.

Well played TG4 and happy birthday!


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