Team Alice have been coming out of hibernation  and are getting out and about in work and play. This week we welcomed our new interns Ellie and Nelly, and they’ve been getting stuck in to all sorts since they got here. Martina’s been giving training at the Carmichael Centre and receiving some too in her Digital Marketing Diploma, which she’s loving. Emily has been spending time on the farm at home and Niamh has been getting out and about sampling brekkie in lovely locations while Ciara is awaiting her new arrival. Elaine is looking for another DIY project to get her teeth into and Eva is living-it-up down-under! Find out what we have been up to in our review of the week.

Out and about:

Despite being under the weather, Martina had a busy one heading to see the Fleetwood Mac tribute called Mack Fleetwood in the Button Factory and then spent Saturday afternoon at the zoo.

Emily went home to her parents house and farm at the weekend and had a constant refill of her mother’s chocolate biscuit cake. On Saturday she wandered down to the farm to have a look at the new baby calves, some only a few hours old. So cute!

Ciara, being only a few weeks from welcoming her second bundle of joy, didn’t get out too much. She instead spent her time  sleeping, bouncing on her ball and washing the baby’s clothes and Jack got his first hair cut. Very sweet!

Elaine did a very ‘up from the country’ thing and went for a trip on the DART. The kids loved it…it’s the simple things!

On the plate:

Niamh, taking advantage of a rare Friday off had a very leisurely weekend. She went for lunch with her friend Claire in ‘Meet me in the Morning’ which is just off Wexford St and had a lovely mushroom & egg creation on sourdough. Despite the garlic aioli lingering all day,  it was very tasty! They also couldn’t pass up the dolce leche brownies. And why would they? You have to be good to yourself!
reviewOn Sunday, Martina headed down to Kilkenny for a lovely lunch in La Campagne with her sisters and aunts, Ailish and Marie. It was a belated Christmas present for the aunties.  She said it was a lovely setting for a leisurely lunch and she managed to scoff all the yummy food, despite having a very bad cold.
Elaine headed along to Platform in Bray and had gorgeous lunch and can highly recommend it. Great food, great kids options and lovely atmosphere. The talking point was the fact that you had to go through a wardrobe to get to the bathrooms. Very Narnia-esque!
Last week we promised we’d share the next baking #GrannyTip with you so here it is:
When making an apple tart, leave the sugar and water on the apples overnight in the fridge. Again, you’re welcome!

On the screen; the weekly review

Martina has started watching ‘The OA’ on Netflix, which pretty much freaked her out, but she thinks it’s good & very unusual! She also went along to see ‘Loving’ last weekend which she would highly recommend.  Really interesting true story and Ruth Negga is excellent in it.

Sunday night, she watched ‘A Monster Calls’, which she said is very, very sad, but really well-made.  Interesting mix of animation and special effects within the film. And on Monday, she saw ‘Jackie’ in the IFI, and wasn’t very impressed.  She admits to not knowing a huge amount about Jackie Kennedy, but didn’t like how her character was portrayed in the movie, so found it hard to feel any empathy for her.

reviewElaine watched ‘The Moorside’ on BBC1 on Tuesday. It is a two-part drama about the abduction of a nine-year-old girl Shannon Matthews, who disappeared from the Moorside estate in Dewsbury in 2008. It follows neighbour and friend Julie Bushby played by Sherridan Smith (is there anything she can’t do?) who mobilises the local community into searching for her and marching in support of the family in an effort to find the little girl. It’s another really excellent drama from the BBC the only downside is that it’s only a two-parter.

And you’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen Melissa McCarthy’s take on Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live. It was brilliant! If, for some reason you managed not to see it, here it is:

On the page:

Martina has also managed to find time to read yet another book. This time she’s very excited to start reading ‘Homeward Bound; the life of Paul Simon’ by Peter Aimes Carlin. Much like Elaine, Martina is a big Paul Simon fan.  They share the same experience of listening to a few Simon & Garfunkel albums on old record player at home, so he is in some of their earliest music memories.

That’s our review of the week – what about you? Did you have any yummy food, see good TV or do you have a review of a gig or day out? We’d love to hear from you. Please post in the comments section below!


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