At Alice PR, we take pride in the fact that we are a small, dedicated team. Each member of the team brings specific skills and knowledge to every project – always with enthusiasm for the job.

Working with a boutique PR agency like Alice PR has its benefits, including:

Personal touch

Six Benefits of Working with a Boutique PR Agency, Alice PR Team,Media relations, public relations (PR), online communications, public affairs, crisis communications, strategy consultation, event management, social mediaWorking with a small, boutique PR agency means that you get a more hands-on, dedicated team working directly with you. From a client perspective you get a more personable and flexible experience with a team dedicated to getting to know you, your company and your specific project.

Team work

At Alice, one of the things that we all really enjoy about our work, and was highlighted by Niamh in our recent blog about her 2nd anniversary at Alice PR, we all work really well together. This has a knock-on effect for our clients. They enjoy the camaraderie and our team spirit and the ethos that it generates. They also benefit from a team who are willing to share our skills, ideas and contacts. As a result, the projects we develop are more creative, targeted and effective.

Six Benefits of Working with a Boutique PR Agency Martina Quinn Alice PR Agency MDDirect contact

We all hate being on hold – listening to inane music and getting frustrated in the process. In a boutique agency like Alice PR, our clients speak directly with the account managers and directors. Because the team is small, everyone, from our MD Martina to interns and account managers, know the projects inside-out so our clients are always in-the-loop and there is always someone on the end of the phone!

Cost effective

Working with a boutique PR agency ensures that clients get a cost effective service because you’re not paying the big bucks for a team that you don’t need – we can bring people in who have the expertise.


At smaller agency we have more control over our own brand and personality as a company and as a team.  We work with clients that we are interested in and genuinely care about, which means our clients get the best from us.


As a boutique agency, we are flexible to work with as there are no corporate structures and red tape to work through before putting your project into action, and we can move the boundaries as the project  changes and grows.

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