The Global Discussion Podcast features our MD, Martina Quinn

The Global Discussion Podcast features our MD, Martina Quinn

Our Managing Director Martina, was delighted to be interviewed for The Global Discussion podcast in recent months. Her interview is now live and ready for your listening and viewing pleasure!

In her interview, which you can access on both Spotify and YouTube, Martina explores a range of subjects with podcast host Simon Hodgkins. She discusses the origins of Alice, describes how PR has evolved over the course of her career, and talks about her involvement with charitable Boards, including the Women’s Aid Board and the board of the PRCA (Ireland).

Martina also shares about her learning styles, her inspiration, and even offers a glimpse into her current reading list.

About The Global Discussion

According to the podcast’s founder and host, Simon Hodgkins, “The Global Discussion features creatives, leaders, and thinkers who make a real difference in this globally connected world… We publish discussions with people making a real difference, locally and globally”.

Previous guests on the podcast have included:

  • Fiona McEntee, the Founding and Managing Attorney of McEntee Law Group, which specialises in US immigration law;
  • Jenny Li Fowler, the Director of Social Media Strategy at MIT; and
  • Giles Alderson, a Director, Producer and Screenwriter.