Yes, it’s that time of the week again!  From working (and working out) in the glorious sunshine at Wellfest, trips home to Deutschland, wedding bells in Meath, and getting up in the middle of the night to partake in Darkness Into Light, it’s been a pretty busy weekend for all of us. Time for #WhatTickledAlice!

Out and about:

Anne headed home to her beloved Germany for a long weekend, and spent her time there in her hometown, Werder. Their annual ‘tree blossom’ festival was on, Baumblütenfest, which is on every year at the start of May, and has been running for a long time – this was the 138th festival! Werder has a huge population of fruit growers who make their own fruit wine, and during the festival, visitors can cycle through all the plantations and gardens, enjoying wine, delicious German food, and cakes of course! The festival goes on for nine days, and the highlight is the crowning of the festival queen, who is chosen to represent the city for one year at any official events. Not too far removed from the Rose of Tralee, then! 

As well as the wholesome cycling through vineyards, there’s a backyard concert with techno music – Anne’s favourite kind of music to dance to. She said it was great to hang out with all of her best friends and dance the night away outside – they had 23 degrees over the weekend! She spent Sunday afternoon walking through Potsdam, which she reckons is one of the most beautiful places ever! (She’s never been to Thurles.)

On Friday night Elaine was up at 3am to join over 1200 people in Wicklow town who were all participating in Darkness into Light to support of Pieta House as part of the global movement to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of suicide and self harm.  She said it was a lovely experience and the weather was kind so that made it easier and more enjoyable. She’s already looking forward to next year.

Poor Niamh spent the weekend working at Wellfest… while we say working we don’t really have much sympathy for her! She said she had a brilliant weekend and with the GLORIOUS weather on Sunday the place was completely buzzing. She’s very excited for festival season to kick off now! Highlight of the weekend for her was buying Joe Wicks (he of the luscious mane) a burger. Did we mention he gave her and Martina kisses on the cheek? They haven’t washed them since.

Emily was full of beans on Saturday and did the parkrun in St. Anne’s Park again, although she didn’t beat her PB this time! Afterwards she had a delicious scone in the Red Stables Café with some friends, and bought some wild flowers from the Saturday market. Bit of a precarious cycle home with the flowers on her back but she made it, and they clearly had an effect on her as she took herself off on a wander around the National Botanic Gardens, which are right around the corner from her house, and made some friends with ducks and squirrels. Good Saturday all round! She spent Sunday at Wellfest tagging along with Niamh, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the atmosphere, and participating in some of the classes. Martina was also working at Wellfest at the weekend, but less so on Sunday, and tried out some ballet yoga at the event, which left her aching for a couple of days. That evening she managed to go for a walk in her favourite local park, the Irish War Memorial Gardens.

Eva spent Sunday at a fairytale wedding in Clonabreany House in County Meath. It was brilliant craic and she stayed in the Fincourt B&B in Oldcastle which was absolutely gorgeous. On the way home she visited the Neolithic site of Loughcrew where she saw some wishing trees/bushes in full bloom as it’s the month of May. It’s a nice quick climb to the top and on a clear day you can see 17 counties! It was a fine clear day and because it was a Monday, they had the place to themselves – divine! After that she checked out the Hill of Tara and so was feeling very much in tune with her ancestral heritage. 

On the page: 

Elaine is about to start Whit by Iain Banks with her bookclub. She’s never read Banks before so is looking forward to getting into it. Seemingly it’s about a guy called Isis Whit, a young but important member of a small, quirky cult in Scotland. The community suspects that Isis’s cousin Morag is in danger, and sends Isis out to help…we’ll have to wait to find out the rest!

It’s a shocking state of affairs that the rest of #TeamAlice have nothing to contribute to this section but in their defence, it’s been a busy few weeks!

On the Plate: 

Before jetting back to Dublin, Anne spent Sunday with her parents enjoying the traditional asparagus with potatoes, schnitzel and hollandaise sauce.

This week Eva went for lunch at NCAD’s Luncheonette, which we’re all fans of here, and had a coconut ‘bacon’ BLT. She’s not sure how they made it but the verdict is that it was very, very tasty.

Martina’s week has revolved around dining out. Lucky her!  On Sunday evening, she went to Nolita with her friend, and #WhatTickledAlice’s most loyal fan, Naomi Feely – hi Naomi! Unfortunately though she thought Nolita was a bit lacking in atmosphere. It’s the building that used to be Soder & Ko, which is huge, and it was quite empty when they were there, so it just felt a bit too big. The menu is pizzas and pastas, but they had a nice pizza each and shared a tasty beetroot salad.

On Thursday night, she had dinner in Forest Avenue, which she has been dying to try since it opened a few years ago. A really interesting dining experience, and they had a seat right beside the open-fronted kitchen, so it was great to watch the chefs at work. Her booking was late, so she also got to witness the entire kitchen being scrubbed clean as the night wound to a close, and the chefs prepping away for the next day’s dishes. Very interesting, turns out chefs definitely work hard!! 

On Friday, Emily went for a few drinks in one of her favourite pubs in Dublin, Idlewild on Fade Street, followed by some ramen in Kokoru Sushi Bento on South William Street. She said it was really tasty, and she was stuffed to the gills after it!

On the screen: 

Eva watched comedian Simon Amstell’s  BBC mockumentary Carnage. It’s set in 2067 when everyone is vegan so there isn’t even a word for it anymore.(One can dream, Eva!) It’s really well put together, even though it’s a little silly, and she thinks it *just* avoids that preachy/holier than thou tone.

Niamh is one of about 12 people still watching Grey’s Anatomy so she caught up on a few episodes of that. According to her it’s very underrated… Season 13 and  Grey is still going strong!

Martina finally started watching ‘Black Mirror‘ on Netflix.  She thought the first episode was excellent – very scary, as it depicts a near-future where everyone’s every move is rated and they have to sustain a high social media score in order to access all the nicer things in life.

In the earphones: 

Two English bloggers that Niamh follows, (and who she’s very fond of) announced this week that they are doing a podcast series together called – ‘At home with…’ where they interview people they admire in their own homes.  First up in the series is Editor of Glamour UK, Jo Elvin, who is a total gem apparently. She hasn’t finished the full episode yet, but she’s liking it so far, it’s very easy listening and they all seem very natural which can be hard to achieve with podcasts!

Emily finished S-Town and loved it, it turned out to be not at all what she expected and found it quite heartbreaking. She’s hooked on podcasts now, so send us in any suggestions!

Have a great weekend!


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