After a hectic weekend at Career Zoo, training this week at the Carmichael Centre and for Entrepreneurs Anonymous, and new staff joining us, we’ve really enjoyed our busy week. It’s gearing up to be a great weekend with the St Patrick’s Bank Holiday looming and we’re all feeling a little giddy! There are weekends away planned and parade participation is on the cards for some too so we’re all getting into the spirit of things!

Patrick'sOut and about:

Although we spent much of the weekend at Career Zoo and getting great coverage for it (this is us on the left looking at it on SixOne!), we also got out to clear the cobwebs.

Emily got back on the bike with a group of friends and they cycled to Howth and had lunch in ‘The Dog House’, and also enjoyed the first ice-cream of the season – you’d have to,  it’s practically summer, right?PATRICK'S

With the gorgeous weather, Elaine & family also joined the ice-cream brigade after lunch in Avoca (the original, in Avoca Village), while strolling by the river. She also had much fun and great food with a group of friends in the heaving surrounds of Mickey Finn’s in Redcross on Saturday night. It’s a great old spot with some great grub and lovely beers made on-site in the Wicklow Brewery.

Both Niamh and Eva are getting away for the weekend – Niamh to Liverpool and Eva to Edinburgh. Bon voyage – we look forward to those trips featuring heavily in next week’s blog!

Patrick'sOur newest team member Anne (Welcome Anne!) who arrived with us only last week hasn’t wasted any time getting to know the city and it’s surrounding area. She put on her jogging shoes and ran to Clontarf and took this beautiful shot of Dublin Bay. She also “tested out a few bars and pubs on Saturday” and spent some time with a German friends getting into the ‘Dublin scene’!

Martina was at IMMA on Sunday afternoon for some arts & crafts workshops & a short exhibition tour which she really enjoyed.

On the plate:

Patrick'sEva took herself off to Brother Hubbard and had a delish vegan caramel slice and Moroccan Dusk Mint Tea and was super-impressed with their bathroom facilities! When you wash your hands, the water you use goes to fill the cistern for the next flush – very eco friendly, and really when you think about it – very obvious. It begs the question “why aren’t all toilet systems designed this way?” Well done them! Oh, and the food was good too!

Anne, who came to us from Germany with very healthy eating habits was quickly tempted by the Dublin café scene and ventured into ‘The Rolling Donut‘ the other day. She eventually settled on the apple and cinnamon one, which, to be fair was fruit based so at least she was getting one of her ‘five a day’, right?Patrick's

Elaine is sticking to her new year’s resolution of making at least one new dinner recipe a week and went veggie this week with a really nice vegetarian lasagne from BBC Good Food, which she, and the whole family were impressed with – clean plates all round!

On the screen:

Following on from Martina ‘s entry last week, she finished watching ‘The People Vs OJ Simpson’ series on Netflix this week & found it totally compelling.  She said it was a really interesting (and shocking!) depiction of the role played by race, gender, celebrity and wealth in criminal justice trials. Niamh has just started watching it this week and is also really enjoying is.

Patrick'sEmily is stuck-in to ‘Love’ on Netflix. It tells the story of  radio producer, Mickey, who has an alcohol and sex addiction who meets a very nerdy teacher, Gus, who’s just split up with his long-term girlfriend, and follows their relationship. It’s funny and also a very real portrayal of relationships, both of the characters can be very unlikeable at times! One thing she finds hard to get past though is that the girl is just way too attractive in comparison to Gus though they actually have good on screen chemistry!

Patrick'sIn “real telly land”, Elaine watched ‘Autism and Me‘ on RTE on Monday. It was a really great insight into how people with autism feel and how they deal with the diagnosis, the stigma around it and other people. The Irish Times described it as “elegantly constructed and entirely moving”, and really, that says it all.

In the ear:

Eva has been enjoying a podcast called ‘The Hidden Brain’ by Shankar Vedantam. It reveals the unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships.

What have you been up to this week – or better still, what will you be doing for St Patrick’s Day? Share your news with us – we’d love to hear from you!

Parting glass:

It’s hard to believe that it’s ten years since that great day when Ireland beat England in Croke Park in 2007. And as we prepare to face them again this St Patrick’s weekend in the Six Nations, we look back at the spine-tingling moment when everyone belted out the anthems:




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