Get set, GO!
From the starting gun to racing to the finish line, we’ve all had a good week at Alice PR & Events. Emily and Niamh were galloping over the west, Nelly and Anne have been exploring more of the country than you can shake a stick at and we finally had a little office-warming party last night to mark our move to Great Strand Street!

RacingAlthough we’re excited about the long weekend, we’re also sad to see our intern Nelly leave. Nelly has spent the lasts couple of months working with us on a number of projects and supporting lots of our clients. She has made a great contribution and we’ll really miss her. Thanks for all the hard work Nelly!

Out and about:

RacingOn Saturday, Emily and Niamh took to the west on a holiday of sorts in Galway. They were taking part in the Connemarathon half-marathon and had a great time. There were six of them in their contingent and they rented an apartment in Galway city centre. The race was on Sunday, so they were all lying low on Saturday night – challenging times walking down Shop Street on a Saturday night and not being able to have a pint!

They were up and at it on Sunday morning – set for the race. It was on in Connemara – the start line was Leenane and finish was Maam Cross. Despite the really tough hills (that tested their endurance “BIG TIME”), they said it was a great experience! Two of their group ran the full marathon, but they were all delighted with themselves and they felt a real sense of achievement. They got a lovely medal and t-shirt for their efforts and are planning their next one already!

RacingWe’re also very proud of our own Eva Dowling who spent a lot of time and energy at the ‘March for Science’ last week. She even made a video about it and it’s worth a watch – check it out on Twitter!

Emily went to see Talos who launched his new album, Wild Alee. He’s an Irish artist, and is very mellow. You can catch some of his stuff on YouTube. The gig was really good except she found it a bit infuriating trying to listen through so many loud drunk people…are we getting old and cranky? We think not. It’s just not polite!

In contrast to Emily and Niamh, Anne admits to having had a really lazy weekend – she’s still recovering from her Easter escapades at home in Germany! On Saturday she walked into town and enjoyed some time in Caffé Nero, drinking coffee, people watching , and reading ‘The Butterfly Garden’ by Dot Hutchison.

Afterwards she walked through the city, did a little shopping and enjoyed the ‘early bird’ at ‘Honest to Goodness’ as she’s been craving pizza and she hasn’t indulged in about a year! On Sunday she took a stroll on Clontarf Beach and watched ‘The Notebook’ with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Sounds like an ideal weekend to us!

Elaine spent a chunk of last Saturday in Carlow at Thomas’s final rugby blitz of the season at which he scored 5 tries! They all had a great day out and saw lots of the lovely countryside and even went for a sneaky take-away afterwards!

racingNelly went to Belfast with her school and visited The Titanic Museum which she said was really cool! On Sunday she took herself off to Powercourt Gardens and had a gorgeous day there enjoying the gorgeous weather!

On the plate:

RacingAfter their run, Niamh, Emily and co treated themselves to a fabulous meal in Tribeton that night. It’s a very cool restaurant in what looks like a converted warehouse, just across from their apartment, which the legs were very thankful for! Niamh went for the ‘seafood trio with backpudding mash’ while Emily enjoyed her ‘pork belly with black pudding’. Bit of a black pudding theme going on there! Both look absolutely delish and well earned too!

It was followed some time later by a trip to Supermac’s – but we’ll put that down to the race and the fact that everyone knows that you can’t leave Galway without going to Supermac’s!

racingFollowing in the footsteps of Emily and Niamh a few weeks ago, Nelly went to Eatyard and got a bubble waffle which she said was delicious! We’re convinced – YUM!

Martina, meanwhile, enjoyed pizza and pasta in Paulie’s this week, and sushi in Musashi, one of her favourite Dublin restaurants and one she rates highly for ‘cheap and cheerful’ Japanese food (it’s also only a minute’s walk from the Alice office, which is an added bonus!).

On the screen:

RacingEva watched all of the latest season of ‘Broadchurch’ in just a couple of sittings last week and agrees with Elaine, she too found it unsettling, but also thought it was brilliant and fantastic to watch the characters develop throughout.

Elaine is racing her way through the final season of ‘Mad Men’. She held out watching it for as long as possible and wanted to pace herself – maybe watching an episode a week. That was on Tuesday, and already she only has one episode left! It’s so excellent and she’s loved every minute of it.

And Martina (belatedly) watched the movie ‘Hail, Caesar!’ at the weekend, describing it as “typical mayhem and madness from the Coen brothers”.  If you fancy checking it out yourself, you can watch the trailer here.

But, for now, we’re racing towards the bank holiday. Enjoy every minute and, if you get up to something cool, be sure to let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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