It’s been a whirl wind seven days for #TeamAlice, with WellFest at the weekend, travelling the country to give PR training and the all the excitement finally coming to a head for MD Martina’s wedding! As always, we’re bringing you the highlights of our travels and this week’s recommendations. Here’s #WhatTickledAlice.

#TeamAlice essentially moved into the RHK last weekend. Our wonderful MD Martina got married there on Friday. After all the planning and outfit rethinks, the day finally came, and what a day it was! The RHK was the perfect setting and Martina and Raj the perfect couple!

On Saturday and Sunday, #Team Alice were back onsite in the RHK bright and early for #WellFest 2018. No rest for the wicked, but a serious dose of wellness was in order!

On the plate

WellFest was a revelation with their delicious vegan offerings. Hugely filling wraps from the Healthy Wrap and vegan burgers from The Vegan Queen were delicious! They’re both run by The Vegan Kitchen Ireland and will be showing up at festivals throughout the summer so keep an eye out for some wholesome tasty goodness!

Emily got involved with Dublin’s pizza offerings in a big way this week, going both to The Back Page in Phibsboro and Firehouse in Ballymun. Both are great but her love for The back Page’s is hard to surpass.

Darragh headed to Bar Rua at the top of Clarendon Street on Tuesday for some of their incredible seafood fare. The smell alone has you salivating, and with a large outdoor seating area, it’s great for a sunny evening. Their craft beer offering is vast so 10/10 for Bar Rua!

Out and About

As you know, #TeamAlice were working on WellFest and in-between all of the hard work, took some time to watch a couple of talks and enjoy the atmosphere! It’s an incredibly positive, inspiring and fun event and you can’t help but feel great leaving. No matter what area of wellness you might be interested in, there’s something for everyone and we highly recommend getting your early bird ticket for next year now!

We were also living for the beautiful surroundings of the RHK. The formal gardens are spectacular and perfect for a Sunday stroll, after popping into the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Culture and nature. The perfect way to spend a lazy weekend!


On the Screen

When the dust settled after the mania of the weekend, Eva sat down to watch The Good Place on Netflix. She highly recommends for some nice easy watching.

Darragh decided to indulge in a little escapism this week and got involved with some classic films, Notting Hill and The Great Gatsby. They’re both now on Netflix and who wouldn’t want to revisit? ‘Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, aski…’ you know how it goes. It’s pure, unadulterated, cheesy rom-com gold!


On the Horizon

This weekend Emily will be working on Culture Date with Dublin 8, a series of diverse events across, you guessed it, Dublin 8, for all the family. There’s going to be outdoor concerts, historic re-enactments and a whole lot more. All the events are free so pop along to make the most of this weekend’s sun! You can find the schedule here.

That’s all for #WhatTickledAlice this week. Let us know your recommendations!

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