We’re a little late getting to this, but we’re delighted to welcome back two familiar faces to #TeamAlice: Niamh Breathnach and Katie Morris.

Niamh was the first full-time employee at Alice, working alongside our founder, Martina, and our Account Director, Ciara, from early 2016 onwards. She left Ireland for a year in Australia last year, but is now back on home turf and we’re delighted to have her back on the team in the role of Senior Account Manager.

Katie, meanwhile, worked with Alice during 2019 before leaving us to travel to Israel / Palestine, where she worked as a human rights observer. She re-joins Alice in the role of Account Executive and Office Coordinator.

Since they returned to Alice in recent months, both Katie and Niamh have been busy working on projects such as the WorkEqual campaign, the Irish Research Council’s upcoming Researcher of the Year awards, and the rollout of networking workshops for LEO South Dublin.

We’re delighted to have them back on board!

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