In June, we were tasked with helping the Williams Syndrome Association of Ireland (WSAI) launch the 2016 European Youth Exchange, that was taking place in the University of Limerick.

Together, we all decided it would be a good idea to hold a photocall to launch the event, that was taking place in Ireland for the first time.

There are some key elements you need to get right on a photocall to ensure that it will be a success. These elements are:

  1. Having an end product in mind. This may seem really simple but it’s the most important you can do when holding a photocall or any other event. Knowing what you want the images etc to look like will help you on the day when managing the photocall / event. Draft up a rough plan, it doesn’t have to be too complicated, just something that allows you to know what you’re going to do next and how you’re going to do it. We always scribble down our agenda and bring it with us so we don’t go off-track or we know what to do next if we’re running out of time.
  2. Location. As they say, location is key. You want somewhere that will photograph well and that will draw people’s attention. We held the photocall for the WSAI outside the National Library of Ireland. The stunning classical architecture really stands out when photographed.
  3. Props. No matter what the purpose of the photocall is, it is always important to have some props on hand that you can put in or take out of the shot at any time. This will give the photos more variety, will catch someone’s eye and will generally just make the photocall more fun for everyone ,which in turn will result in better images. For the WSAI photocall, we used musical instruments as the camp that was being launched had a strong focus on music. Some of the instruments included bongo drums and a fiddle!
  4. Landing a VIP. While never easy, getting someone well known / in the public eye will always increase the chance of your photos being picked up by media. For the WSAI photocall we were quite fortunate, we had the Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD, and well-known jazz singer Honor Heffernan in attendance. Both of them were extremely generous with their time.
Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD, and jazz singer Honor Heffernan with members of the WSAI
Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD, and jazz singer Honor Heffernan with members of the WSAI

As a result of us ensuring we focused on our key elements, we were able to land national, regional and local coverage for the WSAI. We received coverage on Lyric FM, and Limerick’s Live95fm to name just a few!

If you can get these simple points down, there’ll be no stopping you when you are working on your own photocall and it is bound to be a success!