In a week of controversy and surprise, we at Alice PR have been getting on with things. While the world was in disarray, we’ve had lots of great clients with positive news stories that have been keeping us busy- like Entrepreneurs Anonymous who are bringing the ‘Travel Meets Big Data Conference and Hackathon to Dublin, and Dress For Success Dublin who launched the Equal Pay Day campaign.

We’ve also been keeping busy outside of the office.This is what we’ve been up to this week:

On the screen:

Well, we’ve all been glued to election coverage both on TV, online and on – well, everything! tommytiernanSetting the Presidential Election aside, Elaine watched Brendan O’ Connor’s ‘Cutting Edge’ on Wednesday night and enjoyed Tommy Tiernan’s (somewhat misunderstood) rant about “snide journalism”, Norah Casey’s lament over lack of decent public toilets in Dublin and Niamh Horan’s honest account of her personal experience of bullying.

And of course, perfectly timed, the John Lewis Christmas ad dropped on Wednesday. It is the one thing guaranteed to put a smile on the face of everyone, and a true sign that Christmas is well and truly on the way!

On the page:

Martina read this article at the weekend and it’s been giving her a good excuse to go back to older music that she really likes and also to discover some music  she never knew existed before! She remains to be convinced of the merits of Nicki Minaj.


She has also started a new book, ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’. It tells the story of “retired, sweet, emotionally numb” Harold who is convinced that he must deliver a letter to an old friend in order to save her, and follows the people he meets as he goes, and recalling events from his past.

On the plate:

Ciara was at The Port House Ibericos in Dundrum for tapas on Saturday and while she admits to totally over-ordering, she said it was amazing.

Out and about:

It’s been a big gig week!saint_sister_at_christ_church_720Emily was at Christ Church Cathedral on Saturday night – Saint Sister were playing, supported by Ciaran Lavery. Emily says it was really atmospheric with a lovely light show, plus they served wine. Win / win!

Niamh and Emily also went to Metropolis last Friday night and saw Jack Garratt, who was brilliant, as always. The festival itself was pretty cool and there was a giant disco ball!

Last night, Martina went along to see David Kitt at the Sugar Club, while Emily made her way to the Helix in DCU for their TEDxDCU event. ‘Imagining the Next Century’ was the theme of the night, and the event featured a great line-up of thought-provoking speakers, such a Christine Loscher on the future of the food industry, the super talented fourteen-year-old Niamh Scanlon on how it’s all of our responsibility to encourage children to learn coding, and CNN’s Head of Social Media, Samantha Barry, on how news organisations in Ireland need to develop their digital strategies, fast. She went home feeling very inspired and simultaneously very unaccomplished.

What have you been up to this week? Let us know by sharing in the comments section.


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