It’s been a short week so we’ve been busy squashing everything in to just four days. Halloween brought us lots of fun and treats! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

On the screen:

Paul O’Connell, Ireland and Munster rugby legend and all-round good guy featured on ‘A Question of Sport’. He received a standing ovation for one of the all-time best moments in the programme’s history.

The task was to guess a two-word answer which in some way related to sport – so it was pretty wide open. With just two letters on the board, Paul came up trumps. A classic telly moment.

Sadly lots of series have come to an end over the last week. The last ever Great British Bake Off to be aired on BBC finished up with Candice taking top spot. We also saw the last episode of the revisited ‘Cold Feet’ and of course, the finale of The Fall. The first devastating thing about the finale was that it was on a Friday, as opposed to the usual Sunday, much to everyone’s surprise. So after getting over having missed the first half of the last ever episode, Elaine settled in just when it began to get (even more) creepy, grim and just a little bit too gory. It was well wrapped up, although we can’t help feeling a little cheated.

Martina is just getting in to watching Westworld and found the first episode a little unnerving as  it paints a fairly scary picture of a not-so-distant future!

On the page:


Ciara is preparing for her second child in March and is doing the ground work first. She is reading the bestseller ‘Siblings without Rivalry’, which sets out to “help your children live together so you can live too”. We’ll check in with her this time next year to see how that is panning out!

Niamh just finished reading finished ‘Asking for it’ by Louise O’Neill. She found it really good and very thought provoking – she thinks it’s one of those books that is important for everyone one to read. Ciara read it last summer and agreed. She said that the ending just stuck with her. She wasn’t expecting it at all. Sounds intriguing!

On the plate:

Monday was Halloween so Ciara and Elaine were busy carving pumpkins, dressing up their little ones to go to Halloween discos and the annual visit to the neighbours’ houses for ‘trick or treating’. They were delighted with the excuse to raid the loot from stash too – it’s only kind , the kids would be sick if they ate all those sweets, right?

Out and About:

Niamh went to the Dublin Marathon to cheer on her cousin who was participating. She said the buzz around town was brilliant and reckons the runners are super-human. We bow to their perseverance, strength and commitment. Well done all!

no-fee-9-hiup-job-matching-appMartina was in her home county of Tipp, cheering on the Thurles Sarsfields on Sunday in Semple Stadium, where they beat Ballygunner in the Munster Club SHC Quarter Final. To add to the hurling theme, Emily & Martina got to meet Tipp hurling legend Babs Keating at the HiUp launch this morning – VERY exciting.

That’s what’s tickled us this week. What about you? Tell us what you’ve been up to this week.

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