We’ve plenty of recommendations from #TeamAlice for you this week. From Achill to Airfield, check out what we’ve been up to in our latest blog.

Out and about:

Alice recommendations Always a great one for getting out and about, Emily was on holidays in Achill island. Not one to sit on her laurels, she did the Quest Adventure Race while there. It consisted of kayaking, running and cycling, an 8km beach and mountain run followed by a 22km cycle, and the wind was so strong they had to cancel the kayaking which she was quite pleased about in the end! It was her favourite of the Quest races so far (she’s done a few!)

The views were stunning but it was SO windy, and she loved all the sheep on the roads who didn’t blink an eye at the cyclists whizzing past. There was a fancy dress party that evening in a local pub which, she said, was gas – felt a bit like a 21st. The next morning they went to Keem beach which was “STUNNING”.  She says Achill is a super spot but there are an awful lot of abandoned houses and shops which she thought was sad to see.

Martina visited Airfield to enjoy their a free food festival, which was lovely.  They had yummy sampling and lots of producers showcasing their wares.  There were lots of great activities for kids including tug o’war, welly-throwing, obstacle courses over bales of hay – though rumour has it that Martina was more enthusiastic about the activities than the kids!

Alice recommendationsElaine and co had guests so brought them along to the previously mentioned Botanic Gardens, Kilmacurragh in Wicklow and everyone loved it – particularly the big tree in the front of the house that you can climb into and all over. Much fun was had!

Elaine is continuing to swim her way through the autumn, and though the temperature difference is noticeable this week, she said there’s still nothing like it!

Niamh has the most exciting news of all as her parents GOT A NEW PUPPY! Their old family dog Molly, who they had for 12 years, passed away last month. She was a total softie and everyone was really missing having a dog around the place so they got a new one at the weekend. She’s an as yet unnamed black labrador and is the cutest – which everyone in the office can verify having seen the snaps!. Her favourite thing to play with is shoes – mainly laces.

On the plate:

Martina finally got to Hang Dai for food and loved it!  They didn’t go for the whole duck, which they briefly regretted as it’s one of their big   recommendations when you book but they were thrilled with all the other delicious dishes they ordered. She said it’s definitely the best Chinese food she’s had in Dublin – so tasty.  She really liked the vibe of the place too – they had a late booking, and it had transformed into a nightclub by the time we were finished our meal.

On the screen:


Martina’s biggest recommendations from the past week is to check out ‘Atypical’, a relatively new Netflix series.  They watched the whole thing over the past 10 days.  It’s quite short – 8 half-hour episodes.  It’s about a teenager who’s autistic and who decides he wants to start dating.  She thought it was excellent – really funny, quirky and clever, and great acting and is looking forward to Series 2 & hoping it comes out soon!

On TV:

The Great British Bake Off continues to engage everyone – it’s inspiring many a tasty treat down Brittas Bay way though they’re not pushed on biscuit week – they’re happy with their Kimberlys, thanks!

Soprano’s is still going high in Wicklow too – the final season is about to commence!

On the page:

Elaine just started reading a new bookclub book ‘Finding Alison’. Set in rural Ireland, it tells the story of Alison who lost her husband, a local fisherman, in a high storm in the dead of night. Now, three years on from that tragic night, his wife Alison is still struggling with her unresolved grief and increasing financial worries. It’s not gripping Elaine so far, it’s quite clichéd and slow but she’ll give it a chance.

Looking forward to:

We’re looking forward to but also slightly apprehensive about our #TeamAlice kayaking trip today, having seen the weather forecast but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Martina can’t wait to get her flapper gear on and see The Great Gatsby at The Gate Theatre on Saturday!

Elaine is very excited about going to ’25 Years Later with Jools Holland’ in The Albert Hall. The line-up hasn’t yet been announced which makes it even more intriguing!

Emily has her next championship camogie match this Sunday – here’s hoping they can redeem themselves after the last one!

Finally, Niamh is turning the big 2-5 this Sunday! She’s looking forward to a night out on Saturday to mark the occasion and watching the match on Sunday! She’s praying for Mayo! No doubt she’ll squeeze in a few varieties of cake too… if you can’t on your birthday, when can you?

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