Niamh is back from her Portuguese holidays but Elaine has now left us 😢 – it’s a revolving door here at Alice! Martina has been getting up to some VERY interesting shenanigans (more on that below) while John has been taking it easy since returning from his Italian holiday. Eva is currently prepping for her own time away now which is coming up next month!

Out and about:

Martina went to the Wilder Beings Command! event that was on in IMMA over the weekend and was part of IMMA’s group exhibition As Above So Below. The focus of the event was on exploring “how the spiritual endures in our everyday lives”, so there was a bit of a “spooky, cult-like feel to it” according to Martina!

Wilder Beings Command!Eva had a weekend of double dates *John Paul Young’s Love is in the Air plays*. Friday’s double date involved an outing to the vegan hotspot, Veginity. They do a different theme each weekend and last week’s was Chile. Eva emphasised that her starter and dessert were “delish” but that she wasn’t crazy about the main. It’s also BYOB, which is always a plus, and Eva said she will definitely be back again!

She also popped in to Token in Smithfield to check out Dublin’s only videogame bar. The menu has loads of vegan options which is great, Eva says, but practically everything is deep-fried, so don’t stop by for a salad! There’s also a great selection of beers and Eva says the videogames are good craic – especially the pinball hall downstairs!

Niamh Tickled

Niamh has graced the Alice office with her presence once more having returned from Portugal, where she relaxed by the pool, ate a lot of fresh fish and drank nice wine – sounds like bliss! She said the weather was “scorching” but we’re not jealous. Not one bit….



On the screen:

For Eva’s second double date she went to see the new Irish documentary The Farthest, in The Lighthouse. Eva thinks this is a piece of Irish cinema that we should all be very proud of. It features the first images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, alongside interviews with the scientists who coordinated the Voyager program. “It’s really worth seeing on the big screen as both the imagery and soundtrack are ace”, Eva adds – you can’t get better than that!

Martina has been dug into the telebox as of late! She’s been watching Ozark on Netflix, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. It’s about a family that gets embroiled with major drug-dealers and they have to move to the Ozarks and find a way to launder millions of dollars to save their lives. Martina also finished watching GLOW on Netflix recently which she says she loved. Finally, Martina went to The Big Sick and really enjoyed it! It’s not the best movie she’s ever seen she says but it’s quite different for a rom-com, and it’s feel-good without being too cheesy or predictable!

John has been ITCHING to watch the latest season of Rick & Morty and the first episode, which aired last weekend, did NOT disappoint. He said it’s “honestly the maddest show ever. But if you’re into animation and exceptionally smart humour, it’s for you!”.

There’s still a huge void in Niamh’s life now that Love Island has come to an end; she’s in the market for a new TV series if anyone has any recommendations?!

On the page: 

Sophie's WorldMartina has been reading  a book called Sophie’s World for the past few weeks. It’s a novel about the history of philosophy – with a bit of mystery thrown in. It’s not exactly “easy” reading, Martina says, but she adds that it’s interesting and has definitely increased her knowledge of the world’s great historical philosophers

Niamh has been reading The Girls by Emma Cline (which Emily mentioned on our blog before). Niamh didn’t love it at the start, but is definitely enjoying it now the more she reads. It’s set in California in the 1960s and about this girl named Evie who joins a cult (there’s definitely a cult theme to this week’s blog!).

John doesn’t read – he’s terrible!!

Looking forward to:

Martina is really hoping to see Dunkirk next week, and is looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Tipp progress to the All-Ireland after the hurling semi-final in Croker this weekend! Niamh is looking forward to relaxing this weekend – she’s heading home to Carlow to see her little sister all glammed up for her Debs on Monday! They grow up so fast 😢 Eva is heading to Beatyard in Dún Laoghaire this weekend. Highlights will be seeing Air, Bantum and of course, Eatyard! And John is having a bit of a summer soirée for the Bank Holiday!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend from all at #TeamAlice

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